#1 EP

by Trace Italian

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released October 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Grade School Records

The co-op record label, founded by Sean Newton, Sam Burns, and Dylan Sylvester in May of 2014.

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Track Name: Pieces
You could fall to pieces in my arms
Were made to hold you close and shoot
The pain away so we can
Both drift off to sleep

And sail off in the distance where we're far
From one another and we'll both
Have all the time we want
To drown all by ourselves

Ah, I don't care, ah
Ah, fill your lungs with air, ah

Dissolve into the lakes and river
Bends back to the place we fell in
To the water, reassemble
Forget about ourselves

Ride the tide back home just like the
Song I wrote where your love made me
Want to wake up every morning
And never go to sleep

We'll run into each other and won't recognize each other
And I'll see whats on your mind and you can see if I remind you of
The one you who held you tight and said he'd never lie or lose you
And he lost his mind and lied about it, he said that he was fine without it
Track Name: Whiskey-Ginger
I barely know when you left home, try my best not to remember
The sides of me I'm made to see every time I lose my temper

It makes me think of you
Every time I don’t come through
I'll pull myself apart
And show you what I'm not

And I cant help but ask myself, what the point of being sober
When I spend half my life just wondering when it will be over

When I look in the mirror
My reflection isn't clear
What is left to see
If you're in every part of me

I don't know what I'm supposed to be
When you've bled into every part of me

So it's whiskey ginger half past ten, do my best not to think it over
Day by day your memory fade away, guess that's the point of getting older

All that’s left to see
I wish you hadn't seen
Tear my skin right off
Kill myself for love

I don't know what I'm supposed to be
When you've bled into every part of me
Track Name: Play the Victim
Sortin photos of a time when you were mine
Thinking back, I suppose I felt just fine
And I don't
I don't know

Is this all that it feels like to have some codependency
Maybe its my depression or maybe loves not all its cracked up to be

You look away when I take off my clothes
To get into bed, and as my eyes close
I know
Yea I know

That I never feel as lonely as when I lie down next to you
And it feels like life is ending when you say you love me too

Trapped under the weight of fucked up insincerity
Why can't you just tell me how you really feel bout me

Cause I know I've gained some weight and I know I can't make you laugh
As hard as other guys you've slept with and I feel like roughly half

As in love with you as I convinced myself I had to be
Yea, its hard to play the victim to own own stupidity

Its been almost a year why can't I just let you go
Why am I so fuckin scared of being all alone

Keep on living day to day, some day I'll forget it all
Forget all of the reasons I said I'd never fall in love again
Track Name: Pontiac Grand Am
We drove in style and in comfort
In our pontiac grand am
That your parents sold us for much less than it was worth
And drove until I backed into a van

Drove it unregistered for two months and a half
With a smashed tail light and my trunk duct taped shut
I'm just trying to tell you that I ran risk of arrest or at least a ticket
So we could talk and drive aimlessly around

In my Pontiac Grand Am
In my Pontiac Grand Am
Tow truck driver took her away but he doesn't give a damn
About my Pontiac Grand Am

We drove it to the west coast in 2014
We took some friends so we weren't alone
But the car broke down in Portland and we were stranded in the states
And we had to ask our parents for a loan

We took a taxi downtown with Sam and Jo
Tried not to let this ruin our day
But I got stressed out so I freaked out at you for no apparent reason
While our friends looked on and didn't know what to say

About my Pontiac Grand Am
Yea, my Pontiac Grand Am
The mechanic said that he could fix it, but I don't think he can
Fix my Pontiac Grand Am

And we got it back and the piece of shit never started
Quite the same as back when we first got it
I don't care about what people say

It’s a teenage girl car, that I know
And it barely worked but that goes to show
That the fondest memories can come from the worst place
Hey hey hey!

In my Pontiac Grand Am
Yea, my Pontiac Grand Am
I miss her more than I can say, and I don't think I can
Replace my Pontiac Grand Am
Mechanic said that he could fix her, and but i dont think he can
Repair my pontiac grand am
Tow truck driver took her away and he doesnt give a damn
About my pontiac grand am
Track Name: Meaningless
What can I see that I haven't seen
What is there left I can do
When I've traveled on wings
And done impossible things
And I'm falling asleep next to you
What else could I wanna do

After we met you made me forget
The reasons to feel black and blue
You can't deny
That as hard as I tried
They never quite went away for you
Tell me what more can I do

After ur gone I won't sing this song
And it'll cease to have meaning to you
And the places we went
All the money we spent
Yes, they'll all be meaningless too
Will I still mean something to you?
Don't let me be meaningless too